Sarvamangla Diagnostics Patho Lab Background

  • Bihar has a population of 99+ Million people. However, the medical facility in the region is not commensurate with the population.
  • SMD Lab has been started to provide medical service to highly poor and underserved community at very reasonable cost. It’s a setup that focuses on quality service that has not been available till now in the area which largely consists of rural population. This center also caters to tertiary care centers in region which are not well connected with the city centers.
  • The lab aims to excellent service which till now has been lacking in the region. The lab also intends to reduce the turnaround time for specialized test from one week to one day as most of the special tests are performed at the lab.
  • Infrastructure

    Lab infrastructure is ultra modern with all latest equipment to carry out error free analysis of sample. The equipment’s at the lab includes following among others


  • Phlebotomist Chambers to collect the blood samples
  • Doctors chamber for analysis of a patients history if required
  • Completely air conditioned rooms for proper testing by equipment
  • Air conditioned waiting area for customers with entertainment